BEN Quality Register

BEN's Quality Register is intended for employers, clients and insurance companies and shows the ultrasounds the sonographer is trained for, and whether the relevant sonographer is attending sufficient refresher courses/continuous professional development (CPD) to remain qualified.
After their application new members receive a registration form by e-mail. They are asked to complete and return it to the BEN Registration Committee with a copy of their diploma and any SEO and/or NT certificate. When that has been received in good order, they are registered and when all the requirements are met, they are put temporarily on the Quality Register until the next registration or reregistration.
Registration or reregistration takes place every two years. During the preceding 2 years, at least 16 accreditation points must have been obtained with refresher courses/CPD and by working at least 8 hours a week as a sonographer.


For providers of refresher courses/CPD - apply for accreditation

Providers of refresher courses/CPD can use the "apply for accreditation" form to apply for accreditation for their courses. After the accreditation has been awarded, the training is listed on the agenda on the website.
In the event of refreshers organised by the industry, a professional firm or a professional group, and that is partly sponsored and/or for which participants pay a fee, the accreditation application is subject to a fee of 110 Euro.
If you apply for accreditation for 2 or 3 years for the same course that is subject to a fee, you receive an invoice from BEN for every year.
It is important to enter the accreditation form for every course to ensure this course is included on the agenda.
If refreshers are organised by working parties or committees of scientific associations, with or without a fee, accreditation can be granted free of charge.
Accreditation must be applied for in advance. It is not possible to apply for accreditation afterwards.
The provider of the refresher/CPD is expected to present participants with proof of participation in order to check participation.
The provider of the refresher/CPD is also expected to send an attendance list of BEN members to BEN after the course; this should be sent to

A different procedure applies to online and hands-on refreshers/CPD. Accreditation for those must be applied for by sending an e-mail to The e-mail should note the points that are listed on the application form for accreditation on the website.


For BEN members - obtain accreditation points for the Quality Register

BEN members must use the agenda of the BEN website to register for refreshers/CPD. After the training has been completed, the accreditation points are automatically added to their tally for the BEN Quality Register.
After registration via the agenda you must register with the course providerThe only exception is for courses that are organised by BEN itself.
A different procedure applies to online and hands-on refreshers/CPD. Please visit the relevant page. The same applies to courses abroad. Please visit the relevant page.
In order to be included in the BEN Quality Register, a sonographer must obtain 16 accreditation points over a period of 2 years. The next period is 2014-2015.

As there is a transition period in connection with the new website and the registration method for the accreditation points, the accreditation points for the 2014-2015 period will be subject to a different check. Proof of participation remains necessary at all times and may be requested. More information will be provided.

List of accredited refreshers/CPD 2014

Accredited refreshers/CPD 2015

If you would like to know which refreshers are accredited for 2015 and by how many points, please visit the agenda on the website. It lists the courses to date.
For online and hands-on refreshers/CPD, please check the relevant page (see above).

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